About Us

McLain’s Lawn Care Service Inc. was founded in 1986 by the company’s President Darcell McLain. He started off doing mowing jobs for a little extra money. It took off much faster than he had expected. In late 1986 he officially started a company and hired his first employee. Over the last 25 years, McLain‘s has been serving Central Ohio in almost every area imaginable.

We now focus on both residential and commercial. Our residential customers are very important to us. Coming home from work to a beautiful green yard and colorful flower beds surely makes you proud of what you work so hard for. Sitting out back and listening to the waterfall as it cascades over the rocks sends you right into ecstasy. We like knowing our hard work makes you smile and warms your soul. It’s a crazy world and we want to ease those stresses for you.

Without commercial properties we certainly couldn’t have grown without them. We know how important it is to have the nicest yard and landscaping to impress the customers. Landscaping reflects the way you do business. First impressions are very important in business and we strive to make the first thing they see top notch. We take care of many property management companies. Delivering our contractual services is most important but we can handle any extra requests you have.

For outstanding services, hard work, dedication and competitive rates McLain’s Lawn Care is the company to call. We are trying to make the world a better place one yard at a time.